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Yanked from d33ann cause i'm lazy like that and it was written so well!

Hi new potential friends! Don't be dismayed by the lack of "new" posts here, I went underground at some point and now only post 100% locked posts.

But don't fret, drop me a comment, and if we have some mutual friends or another compelling connection, I'll add you right away, and you can catch up on the current stuff.

need new ride

so i'm making a poll. which should i get. a bug, cabriolet or other?

which car should dutin get?!

super beetle hardtop
super beetle convertible
cabriolet convertible
other (if other, what car)



in light of

another question, does anyone have any other suggestions? i need a real store where i can touch it to buy it. no online only stuff. i'm not very good at this whole furniture buying thing for the bedroom. i like function and sturdy.

also, anyone in the atl want to be my shopping buddy this weekend?
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literal cookie names

Bella Cucina of Atlanta , has recalled Death by Chocolate cookies that do not list walnuts on the label, Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin alerted Georgia consumers today.
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